Tragedies have a way of realigning priorities. They have a way of stripping down all the superfluous excess and making one realize the few things that are genuinely important. As Jamie Rohrs desperately searched for his girlfriend Patricia Lagarreta, her daughter and their infant son amidst the tear gas and gunfire in his screening of The Dark Knight Rises, his only thoughts were with them. Eventually, he jumped off a balcony and ran for safety, terrified his loved ones had gotten shot.

The family was reunited about ten minutes later. Patricia had been shot, but her injuries were minor. Later, at the hospital, Jamie emerged from the restroom, walked over to his love and asked her to marry him. She said yes. You can hear them tell Piers Morgan about the touching story below…

Those who survived Friday morning’s tragedy will no doubt be forever changed by what happened. Twelve people are gone. Dozens more are injured. Reasons and answers haven’t yet come. More than likely, they’ll never come, but for at least four survivors, there’s a new sense of devotion and an escalated effort to hold each other as close as possible.

Pop Blend sends out its best wishes to Jamie and Patricia. Hope and love have always been and will always be more powerful than fear and hatred.

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