Sons Of Anarchy star Johnny Lewis was found dead Wednesday morning in the driveway of a home in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles. Inside the residence, the eighty-one-year-old owner was discovered beaten to death, and at this point, authorities think he may have taken drugs and committed the murder.

According to TMZ, several neighbors heard the old lady screaming and saw Lewis emerge from the home not long after. The actor next allegedly attacked two men near the property with a large piece of wood before climbing on the roof and either intentionally jumping or falling to his death.

The twenty-eight-year-old who also had roles on Criminal Minds and Bones previously dated Katy Perry and is thought to have been renting a room from the victim. Neighbors were reportedly very familiar with Lewis and always thought he seemed like a positively decent guy.

It’ll take days or even weeks to sort out exactly what happened, but those close to the situation are reportedly speculating either meth or PCP may have played a role. Lewis had a long history of brushes with the law, completed at least one stint in rehab and was in jail as recently as last week. Obviously, toxicology tests will need to confirm what substances were in his body, but for the time being, his history combined with witnesses saying he exhibited almost “super-human strength” seems to point toward his decision-making being impaired.

Pop Blend sends out its sincerest condolences to the woman’s family, as well as all those affected by this puzzling tragedy.

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