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I’ve never met anyone who hangs out in a swamp, but if this is how such people behave, I’m not sure I want to. Trapper Joe, one of the stars of Swamp People, was arrested earlier this week on charges he viciously attacked his girlfriend with a lit cigarette. When the cops showed up, he reportedly denied anything inappropriate had taken place, but authorities still swooped in with the handcuffs.

According to TMZ, the incident was preempted by plenty of alcohol. Both Trapper Joe and his unidentified girlfriend allegedly consumed some booze on Tuesday evening and then were hanging out at the Buena Vista Hotel and Spa in Orange Country, Florida when an argument began. The victim allegedly told police her boyfriend’s phone rang, and she demanded to know who was calling. When he didn’t answer her, she reached for the phone, and he supposedly went at her with the lit cigarette.

A witness who allegedly watched the entire sordid mess unfold reportedly told police he saw Trapper Joe also punch the lady in the stomach, but it’s unclear whether she’s alleging that happened too. We should know once the case moves forward in the coming weeks. Until then, Trapper Joe needs to hire himself an attorney, and based on the severity of the matter, he needs to hire himself a good one.

History Channel hasn’t commented on whether this will affect Trapper Joe’s continued relationship with Swamp People, but we’ll let you know if the network decides to come down hard.

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