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Ted Nugent's Drummer Pleads Guilty To Operating A Golf Cart While Intoxicated

Months after police officers in Maine chased his golf cart down, Mick Brown officially pled guilty to operating a vehicle while intoxicated this week. The drummer for Ted Nugent had just finished up a performance back in July when he spotted the golf cart and drunkenly decided going for a spin was a good idea. Authorities caught wind of his Wango Tango almost immediately, but in a bout of even worse decision making, Brown decided to drive the vehicle all the way into the next town while the 5-0 slowly followed, screaming at him to pull over.

You can check out his mug shot below…

The musician was initially charged with a litany of offenses related to the foolish decision, but according to TMZ, prosecutors offered him a plea deal that greatly reduced his potential punishment in exchange for an immediate end. He’ll pay the court system $1000 and lose his license for three months for operating while intoxicated and get the assault, unauthorized use of property and driving to endanger charges dropped.

Getting behind the wheel after having too many drinks is never a laughing matter, but as operating while intoxicated charges go, this one isn’t exactly on the more dangerous end. Assumedly, that’s why prosecutors were willing to let Brown off without huge long-term repercussions. If he ever drunkenly takes another golf cart out for a spin, however, it’s unlikely he’ll get the benefit of the doubt.

Mack Rawden

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