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A good percentage of Americans pull fast ones to save money every year. Waitresses claim less earnings in tips, executives shelter funds in foreign accounts and six-year-old girls don’t even bother informing the government about their lucrative lemonade businesses. A lot of us might abide by the old adage if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying hard enough, but apparently, some people need to be reminded now and again that there’s a difference between calculated, high probability risks and idiotic and unnecessary gambles.

Amber Portwood tried one of those latter, ill-advised cheats, and now a court has ordered her to pay up. The star of MTV’s Teen Mom apparently filled out a rental application in which she claimed to have almost no income. Thanks to her lie, she qualified for subsidized housing. Predictably however, all her time spent on television and on the front page of tabloids eventually exposed her not-so-clever ruse, and the rental company took her to court after discovering she pocketed almost three hundred thousand dollars in 2010.

According to TMZ, the court hit Portwood with an almost seven hundred dollar fine for her lie, but given she didn’t think showing up was worth her time, it’s unclear if she’ll take care of the debt in the month deadline she was given.

This is normally the portion of the article where I’d feign sympathy, but I just can’t find any reason to muster it.

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