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Most owners who install a doggy door expect to find the occasional unwanted animal inside their home. What they do not expect is to find the occasional woman lying naked in their bathtub. That’s exactly the situation a Texas couple found themselves in, however, when they noticed damage to their door and found Sara Elizabeth Soto making herself very comfortable inside their residence.

According to The Daily Mail, the twenty-five-year-old later told police she needed to use the telephone; so, she took off her dress and crawled in through the doggy door. She reportedly told authorities she hadn’t done anything wrong, but as entering a stranger’s home is trespassing, she was arrested and is currently being held on $4000 bond.

For whatever reason, nudity makes people a whole lot less scary (at least if they’re not driving a firetruck). For example: if these two had come home and found a fully clothed woman inside their house, they would have assumed she wanted to rob them. With the nudity, they instead assumed she needed some mental help. Jackass star Bam Margera had the same reaction when a naked chick broke into his house, and I’m sure police thought the same thing when they pulled over Randy Travis for driving erratically and saw his wang hanging out.

I haven’t the slightest idea what was actually going through this woman’s mind when she shed her clothing and hopped in the bathtub, but here’s to hoping she gets the help she needs.