Tia Mowry Looks To Hilary Duff For Post-Baby Weight Loss Inspiration

Tia Mowry loves her 18-month-old son, Cree. What she doesn’t love is the weight she put on carrying her little boy. It’s pretty normal to gain weight during a pregnancy, but I can imagine it’s tough to feel super great about yourself if you are surrounded by other women who don’t seem to gain an ounce while pregnant, as often happens in the celebrity world. Luckily for Mowry, when it comes to weight loss, the woman feels she has a kindred spirit.

US Weekly recently spoke to the 34-year-old mother about bikini bods and learned that Mowry was worried about her body after she had her son. However, after consulting a doctor to see if she was “normal” (obviously, she was) she says she looked to Hilary Duff for inspiration. This may seem like an odd choice; however, Duff also was asked plenty of questions about her weight post-pregnancy and seemed to have a pretty candid outlook on the matter, noting “it takes time.”

Hilary Duff has offered some pretty interesting advice in the months since she’s become a mother. From weight loss to excited umbilical cord stories, the 26-year-old mom always seems to have a positive outlook on motherhood and life in general and it’s no surprise first-time mom Mowry is looking to another mother for tips. Her twin sister, Tamera, also recently had a baby just two months ago, so maybe the weight loss journey is one the two women will even be able to share with one another.

Jessica Rawden
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