Tom Cruise Divorce: Should Katie Holmes Fight The Prenup?

Prior to entering into her marriage with Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes signed a prenuptial agreement. By all accounts, it’s far from the most generous ever given. In fact, sources close to the situation are saying she may well leave the union with roughly as much money as she had when she said I-do.

If you take it from Holmes, she neither married nor submitted divorce papers for money. As a working actress, she should have the means to support herself in the future, but she still reportedly hasn’t decided whether or not she’ll try to break the prenup. If she does, it could well lead to an even more bitter and heated divorce, but in theory, it could also lead to staggering riches. Cruise reportedly took home more than seventy-five million dollars last year, and that’s far from the only money he has in the bank account. Even the more conservative estimates say his fortune is well into the two hundred plus million dollar range. If she took home even ten percent of that, she and Suri would be set for life.

Regardless of what she elects to do, Cruise will wind up paying child support, and given his income, that should be more than one hundred thousand dollars a year. That’ll be enough to pay rent wherever she’d like to live, but to some observers, that’s just pennies compared to what she should be bringing home after a more than five year marriage.

I’d like to see Katie accept the terms she signed, but I’m not so sure she’s going to do that. What do you think? Should Katie stand by the document she signed, or should she try to break the prenup in an attempt to get more? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

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