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Tom Cruise Won't Press Charges Against His Neighbor

Jason Sullivan’s partially sad and partially hilarious brush with the law has seemingly come to an end. Tom Cruise has decided not to file any formal charges against his drunk, trespassing neighbor, and while his recommendation doesn’t guarantee the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office won’t pursue the matter further, it makes it highly unlikely they’ll choose such a course, especially given the physical punishment Sullivan already received from the actor’s security team.

The incident in question happened on Sunday evening at a little after nine o’clock. Cruise wasn’t home, but his staff spotted a man climbing over a fence bordering his property. Guards quickly approached the man and shouted at him to leave, but when he kept moving forward, they shot him with a stun gun. It was only after the police arrived and he was taken to the hospital that it was discovered the intruder was Cruise’s very drunk and very disoriented neighbor who mistakenly thought he was making his way to his own house.

Here’s what Cruise’s longtime lawyer Bert Fields told TMZ about his client’s decision not to pursue the matter…

"Tom's not a vindictive guy. The guy was drunk. He didn't have a malicious intent."

There are times in which pressing charges needs to be done to prove a point, and there are times in which it’s better to not make an issue out of something small. This is clearly a case of the latter. If Sullivan was getting hammered and hopping the fence with regularity, that would be one thing, but one stupid drunken mistake in which no one was in any real danger is nothing more than perhaps a reason to quit drinking.

We’ll let you know if the DA shocks everyone and makes a stink about this. If not, assume the whole mess just trickled away.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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