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Tracy Morgan Names Daughter Maven, Rate His Choice

Tracy Morgan still hasn’t collected all four trophies needed to land himself on the much-coveted EGOT list, but he did add a fourth child to the fold today, which, if you have a healthy perspective, is probably even more rewarding. The actor’s fiancée Megan Wollover gave birth to a little girl just after midnight, and more importantly, both mommy and daughter are happy and healthy.

Pictures of the little girl haven’t leaked yet, but we do know she weighed in at 7 pounds, 3 ounces and was given the name Maven Sonae Morgan, as per People. Not long after the birth, the comedian and proud father hit up Twitter to offer the world the following blunt and exciting quote…

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As the father of three boys, Morgan is pretty comfortable with parenthood, but he’s probably quite a bit out of practice. The comedian’s three sons, all born during his marriage to high school sweetheart Sabrina, are now adults, meaning Maven is both his first daughter and his first newborn in decades. Considering his fiancée is now a mother for the first time, the two should be in for quite a fun and exciting adventure over the next few years. In fact, their lives kind of sound like a sitcom waiting to be made. In a perfect world, Tracy would play the lead (without any health problems), and he would routinely warn Maven not to poop on his shirt while tearing it off and heaving it into the corner.

As will all celebrity baby names, Maven has been put under a microscope since her handle was announced this morning. There are some who think the choice has a really pretty and almost punchy quality to it. It flows off the tongue very quickly and is both eccentric and different without sounding ridiculous or made up. There are others, however, who aren’t so pleased with this choice. They think it’s not the most feminine-sounding name and not the coolest possible choice either. They think the couple either should have gone weirder or stayed safer---anything but this strange middle ground.

What do you think? Are you on board with Tracy naming his first daughter Maven, or do you think with just a little more effort he could have come up with something a whole lot prettier and better? Let us know which side of the fence you stand on by voting in the poll embedded below...

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