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This past summer, musician Trey Songz decided to hold his album release party inside Club Perfection in Queens. Assumedly, he thought the gentlemen’s club would provide the perfect place to celebrate and have some good, consequence-less fun. Unfortunately, what happened that night is still causing him grief months later.

Acccording to TMZ, Songz got into some kind of confrontation with a woman inside the club a little after 4 AM on August 22nd. Shortly thereafter, the argument got pretty heated and Songz allegedly reached into his pocket, grabbed a fat wad of cash and threw it at the unidentified woman, striking her right in the eye. No arrests were made on the evening in question, but after the lady filed a police report and the cops investigated, Songz was taken into custody about a month later and booked for misdemeanor assault. In November, the court hit the singer-songwriter with an order of protection, and he’s due back in court in February to officially answer the charges.

It’s unclear whether this woman was/ is a stripper, but even if she was/ is, throwing a fat wad of cash at someone’s eye during an argument is poor form. Songz hasn’t spoken publically about what may or may not have happened; so, at this point, it’s not known whether he plans to fight the charges or not. We’ll keep you updated when all parties involved go in front of the judge in February.

Until then, make it rain one bill at a time.