Tweet Blend: Simon Pegg On Smoking Fags, Seth MacFarlane Is Bored With War

If you have followed the Tweet Blend post for the past week of its' existence, you've probably noticed that there are a couple of Tweeters that are just about always on this list. Conan, Seth MacFarlane are prime examples of Twitter users that use Twitter just to remind everyone that they're out there. These are guys that have a show on almost every night, and an increased visibility increases the likelihood that you'll tune in to their show that night. This works because they are both genuinely funny people.

Who are your favorite tweet-a-day twitter users? Drop their user names in the comments below, and I'll look at adding them to the Cinemablend Twitter list!

Jim Gaffigan If my 2 year old takes off her shoes in this cab ONE more time. I'm gonna...I'm gonna put them back on her. Pegg Oh and I know 'smoking fags' means assassinating people in same sex relationships in the US but I am British and this is a global village.Seth MacFarlane When are we gonna get going on another war? It’s been 3 months since we goAndy Milonakis Just watched the trailer to the new SMURFS movie, I wonder who the writers BLUE to get that movie made. #punsConan O'Brien If someone in this CVS is following me on Twitter, please open up another register. My Flavor Ice Pops are melting!Conan's Squirrel I very clearly told him to get Otter Pops. We need to support more companies run by animals.RainnWilson Can everyone stopped inviting me to 'LinkedIn' please? I dont want to be Linked in. Join my new website 'LeftOut'. Wanna be 'LeftOut'? I do.Elizabeth Banks How worried should I be that my nanny walks around humming Cee Lo's F#*k You? It's just really catchy, right?