There are a certain percentage of people out there who are very vocal about their unwillingness to shop at Walmart. Some of them refuse to do so for political or ideological reasons, while others avoid the store because of reasons perfectly summed up by the trash seen in the following video.

Earlier this month, three Walmart employees thought it would be hilarious if they filmed themselves roughly handling iPads in the back of the store. According to one of the three clowns, they “like to throw shit”. Not surprisingly, other people found their idiotic displays of pathetic redneck vandalism far less hilarious. Someone later leaked the footage onto YouTube, and it’s been generating a stream of vicious and hateful comments ever since.

Take a look at this soul-crushing stupidity…

This has to be bad parenting, right? What properly parented person could possibly damage expensive technology on purpose without immediately regretting the decision? It’s classless, juvenile and evil, and something tells me executives at Walmart aren’t too pleased with these assholes right about now. The store already has enough problems with videos circulating of trashy customers. The last thing in the world Walmart needs is footage of its employees behaving like unlettered and bitter fuck-heads while on duty.

Here’s to hoping these iPads actually worked when some poor souls brought them home.

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