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Walking Dead Actress Reportedly Tried To Poison President Obama

Remember when the FBI finally tracked down the Unabomber and he was a mentally-deranged evil genius that lived in a shack and looked like a confused homeless man? This is what we expect people who poison or bomb others via the Postal Service to look like. We expect their madness to manifest itself in wild playoff beards and soulless eyes. What we don’t expect is for them to look like cheerleaders and make their livings acting in bit parts on The Vampire Diaries.

Enter Shannon Richardson. According to her IMDB page, she played a zombie on The Walking Dead and Becky in the quickly fading from memory switcheroo comedy The Change Up. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, she also recently sent letters filled with ricin to President Obama, Mayor Bloomberg and gun control advocate Mark Glaze. Afterwards, she apparently called the FBI to blame the incident on her husband, army veteran Nathaniel Richardson. The Bureau reportedly saw through her ruse pretty quickly, and she was arrested earlier this week, as per NBC News.

In addition to ricin, the letters contained diatribes about the 2nd Amendment and how the writer would defend his or her property with lethal force if anyone from the government ever showed up to take away said guns. It’s unclear why Richardson, if she actually sent the letter, thought such an aggressive correspondence would have a positive affect on future gun legislation, but I suppose that dumb cause is at least slightly more logically coherent than trying to poison Khloe Kardashian, Bristol Palin and/ or orange juice fans.

We’ll keep you updated as Richardson heads to trial. Until then, you can re-live some of her career high points by watching a repeat of that one episode of Drop Dead Diva or renting Madea’s Big Happy Family, the latter of which sees her play a "hospital administrator".

Mack Rawden

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