Was Katie Holmes Right To Keep Her Divorce Plans A Secret From Tom?

It’s fairly clear an overwhelming majority of people approve of Katie Holmes’ decision to file for divorce from Tom Cruise. A large segment of the population distrusted that relationship from the beginning thanks to his jumping on couches and preaching Scientology, but now that the specific details surrounding how it all went down are being made public, some fans are starting to question whether she really took the right approach in choosing secrecy over honesty.

By all accounts, Cruise was absolutely blindsided by the divorce. He didn’t see it coming at all, and by the time his lawyer informed him, Holmes’ people were already getting her anti-Scientology stance out there. It would be easy to criticize the actor for being oblivious, but Holmes continued wearing her wedding ring, held hands with him in public and reportedly even went so far as to use a disposable cell phone when she hired not one, not two but three different law firms in different states to cover herself wherever the battle would wind up being played out.

In her divorce filing, Holmes even admitted she knew the marriage had been damaged beyond repair by the beginning of the year, but for months, she still put on a smile and supposedly didn’t let her soon-to-be ex-husband know what was up. Holmes’ biggest supporters are saying she had to do such things in order to protect herself and Suri from Cruise’s money and Scientology connections. Her biggest detractors are saying her behavior was unnecessarily mean-spirited and largely pointless.

Where do you stand? Should Holmes have snuck around behind Cruise’s back, or should she have just told him she was done months ago? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

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