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If your kid is cute enough, there's always a chance that he or she will become a viral sensation and land a spot on Ellen to show off their cuteness for the daytime talk show host and her audience. Such was the case for 4-year-old Kai, a ridiculously cute toddler who wears a hat and can sing Bruno Mars' "Grenade" word-almost-for-word. Watch it ahead!

Ellen's well known for scouting out all sorts of adorableness to feature on her show. Last week, she gave a shout-out to 4-year-old Kai after viewing his YouTube video, in which he stands in his family's kitchen and belts out Bruno Mars' "Grenade." Degeneres expressed an interest in bringing the child onto her show in the segment below, which includes Kai's original video:

What Ellen wants, she gets! Little Kai appeared on her talk show this week, dressed in a hat-and-vest ensemble that's just too cute for words. The video of him singing Mars' "Grenade" has racked up almost a million views. Watch it below.

His attempt to sing all the words is cute enough, but factor in the outfit, the look of determination on his face and the hand gestures and this kid most definitely earned himself a moment in the spotlight, not to mention Ellen's adoration.