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The NBA might not be the most popular sports league in North America, but it is easily the best at advertising. With plenty of marketable, recognizable stars and a slew of creative, original ideas, executives churn out great new commercials every few months. Sometimes amusing and sometimes touching, they always touch on the greatness of basketball and help to grow the game.

Apart from the epic Larry Bird/ Magic Johnson rivalries spot, the NBA’s new Christmas commercial might be my favorite in recent memory. Designed to promote the league’s new line of Christmas uniforms, it features Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard, Russell Westbrook and Joe Johnson dribbling basketballs to the tune of “Carol Of The Bells”. Take a look at the magic below…

In just two days, that commercial already has more than two million YouTube views, and it should only keep growing by the time Christmas rolls around. It’s such a perfect balance between uncomplicated and brilliant. No fusses. No weird camera angles. Just a great concept and flawless execution.

God only knows how many times everyone involved had to rehearse and adjust their timing to make it all work, but whatever the final total was, it was definitely worth it. Well done, NBA marketing executives. Your awesomeness is getting to be unquestioned at this point.