The latest episode of the popular webseries Epic Rap Battles takes things to biblical proportions, addressing the age-old battle of man vs. woman and featuring a special guest star in the role of Eve. See Adam and Eve rap about their issues with one another, which plays out as your standard boyfriend vs. girlfriend fight… only with more fig leaves.

The video contains adult language and also grown adults dancing around in green undergarments. Consider that your somewhat-NSFW warning before you hit play!

Those who have seen Jenna Marbles' webseries may have recognized "Eve" in the above video. And considering that much of Jenna's own series focuses on the difference between men and women, or things said, done or thought by either gender in various scenarios, she seems like a perfect fit to take the role of Eve here and face off against Adam. Her rapping isn't so bad either, and she's rocking that leafy bikini.

Who won this epic rap battle? In fights like these, is anyone really a winner? Something tells me these two managed to work it out. In the meantime, it's good to see ERB's Season 2 has returned with new episodes. You can subscribe to the channel and view older battles (check out Moses vs. Santa Claus to see Snoop Dogg's guest appearance) here.

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