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Over the past few days, Americans (and many of the world’s other residents) have collectively rallied to the defense of Boston. We’ve sympathized with the victims and rooted for the police officers, but even with our complete attentions and complete compassion, there’s no way any of us outsiders have been able to completely understand what current and former Bostonians feel like. It was their special day that was corrupted and turned to chaos, and it was their city that was under fire.

Actress Amy Poehler was born in Massachusetts and spent her college years at Boston College. She’s always had a special connection to the city, and earlier today, she recorded the touching video embedded above. If nothing else, it’s a great reminder that everyone responds to tragedy in different ways, and what is best for one person isn’t necessarily best for another. Personally, I’ve loaded up on every single reaction or press conference I could find, but that’s just my personality. For others, the better approach is to keep up but not overload themselves.

You can tell by Poehler’s voice that she’s completely overwhelmed and saddened by what happened, but she’s a fighter and for her, that fighting manifests itself in her choosing not to overwhelm her mind with every grisly detail. If you're the same way, you should strongly consider following suit.

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