It’s not often something goes horribly wrong during a skydiving trip and everyone lives to tell the tale, but that’s exactly what happened to Laverne Everett, an eighty-year-old woman who wanted to jump out of an airplane before she died. Planning the trip for more than a decade, the grandmother put in all the prep work, but when it came time to jump, she leaned back inside the plane, slipping out of her upper harness. Luckily, her instructor held her along with the lower harness, and the duo plunged to Earth successfully and without further mishap.

You can go ahead and take a look at the video below…

When skydiving first became a thing, most of us were shocked every time we heard someone successfully made it. Now, the whole thing has become so old hat it takes events like this to make us realize how truly dangerous and crazy the activity really is.

I doubt Everett expected this when she signed up and organized the event, but on her ninetieth birthday, I’m sure she’ll be able to muster up a few laughs about the day she probably should have died.

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