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NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport might not have great peripheral vision, but his professionalism is off the charts. The sideline reporter proved both of those facts in under twenty seconds yesterday after he got Marcia Brady-ed while live on the air and like an absolute champion, continued his discussion of why Green Bay offensive coordinator Tom Clements thinks carries lead to wins.

It’s a strange combination of hilarious and impressive, and you should definitely check out exactly what happened below…

Obviously, Rapoport would have looked a hell of a lot cooler if he’d calmly caught the ball, tossed it back and kept going, but since he didn’t see the pigskin before it struck him in the face, it’s hard to imagine him handling the situation any better. He acknowledged the humor of it all with a laugh and then kept on going. Lesser sideline reports would have pretended the pelting didn’t happen, freaked out that it did happen or lost their train of thought. Not Ian. He might have only just started working at the network, but in my eyes, he should be up for a promotion as soon as possible.

For the record, as great as this clip is, it would have been throttled by almost everything else during the heyday of America’s Funniest Home Videos.

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