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Ordinarily, I’m not a big fan of passing along advertisements, but now and again, I stumble upon something too awesome not to be shared—like this Audi park assist. Automatic parking features have been around for quite a few years now on various models, but I’m not sure any company has come up with something as technologically advanced and straight up baller as this.

This new Audi model can actually find its own parking spot with just a few clicks on a smart phone. Watch the magic at work in the video below…

I actually like finding my own parking spot and positioning my car inside, but that doesn’t mean I’m not fully aware of how stunning this technology is. In fact, if I had this option in my car, I would definitely bust it out now and again to impress random people. At some point, a mass marketed car that drives itself is going to come out, which will put this park assist function to shame, but until that happens, I can’t imagine anything a car company could come out with that would top this.

Here’s to hoping this winds up as a standard function on most cars within the next decade.