You know what the best thing about being a little kid is? Absent any real sense of shame, children can just unapologetically enjoy things without the reservations that typically develop after one becomes aware other people are watching and actively judging. This baby is a good example of that. The rest of the world might be slowly getting over Psy's “Gangnam Style”, but this little girl is just as on board as ever.

Taking a relaxing nap in the car, Amaya springs to life the second “Gangnam Style” starts and moves her legs wildly like she’s doing bicycle exercises during a Pilates video. Check out the hilarity below…

I love how many steps went into making this video. Clearly, the parents noticed this pattern awhile ago that the little girl wakes up everytime “Gangnam Style” comes on. So, they got out a video camera, waited for the girl to fall asleep, started the video camera, turned on the song and then watched the magic happen. Luckily, it worked like a charm, and not surprisingly, the adorable footage has been racing around the Internet ever since.

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