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Cast and crew members from The Big Bang Theory played a joke on both their bosses and the studio audience earlier this week in the form of a surprise choreographed dance routine. All the lead actors were assembled in their typical positions on the couch to shoot a scene, but after action was yelled, someone blared “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen through the loud speaker and unleashed a grandiose, gyrating good time.

The stunt was extremely well-planned, and that foresight is seen in both the dance itself and the camera positioning. It was a smart move to film Chuck Lorre the entire time and to keep a lens on the studio audience. Go ahead and take a watch at this madness below…

Flash mobs are just good clean fun. I like that the cast members play it off for a few seconds like they have no idea what’s going on before gleefully jumping in. This might have been a huge thrill for the studio audience members that got a chance to see something truly unique.

If ever a good indication of Big Bang Theory’s incredible popularity was needed, the number of times this footage has already been viewed should work. In just a day, it’s been rolled more than two million times, and with all the momentum it has, it should keep chugging forward at a tremendous rate.

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