Often sweet videos are made with color correction footage or unique special effects. Recently, however, a man named Eran Amir wanted to create an awesome video without all the special effects mumbo jumbo. He and a team put together an entirely black and white set, even going to lengths to paint Amir himself in grey tones, as well as a watermelon. “Black and White (In Colour)” explores the change from a black and white set to a full color one. It’s difficult to explain, but totally worth it to watch. Scout’s honor.

The video follows Amir as he sits at a black and white table, with black and white cards, black and white coke bottles, black and white fruit, and an assortment of other random objects. As musician Bill Callahan begins singing, Amir and his team methodically flip some objects over and replace others to change the vision from black and white to something bold and colorful. By the end of the video, even Amir has rid himself of the grey paint. It’s a clever concept, and I’ve never seen anything like quite it.

Incredulous as it may seem, Amir asserts the entire video was shot in color, and there’s even a “making of” segment fans can link to at the end to see how the entire process was achieved. That segment is not as explanatory as I would have hoped (Seriously, how did they get the colors right on that watermelon?), but it’s still a nice supplement to “Black and White (In Colour)” itself.

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