Watch This Car Get Hit With A Landslide And Almost Crushed By A Boulder

Even if someone else is technically at fault for an accident, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing the victim could have done to prevent the crash. From being alert enough to avoid someone else’s mistake to anticipating what others around you might do, great drivers can sometimes overcome the incompetence of others. Sometimes. Let the record show this is not one of those cases, mostly because the party at fault was Mother Nature.

Heading down a narrow coastal road in Keelung in northern Taiwan, a driver was minding his own business in some light rain when suddenly a landslide poured a huge amount of debris on top of the poor guy’s car. Even worse, all the movement jarred free a gigantic boulder that fell down the cliff and headed for the car. Just one or two more rolls and it would have crushed everyone inside. Luckily, it ran out of inertia just in time and stopped short of hurting anyone.

In many foreign countries, all vehicles come equipped with dashboard cameras. Mostly, they’re used for insurance purposes and by police officers to determine who is at fault in a crash. In rare occasions, however, they capture an incredible feat of driving brilliance, a series of car accidents or even a plane crash. The video shown above was placed online just yesterday, and it has already netted more than seventy-five thousand views. In the coming hours and days, that figure should exponentially increase. After all, who wouldn’t want to see a car almost get crushed by a boulder? Now that their adrenaline has worn down, I bet the driver and the passenger would even have a good laugh watching it back.

Pop Blend’s sincerest congratulations go out to the driver and passenger in question. I can’t quite figure out whether they’re extremely lucky to have not been crushed or extremely unlucky to have been randomly hit with a landslide, but either way, we’re happy they’re still alive.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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