I’ve never used the services of Stanley Steemer before, but thanks to the company’s almost unfairly catchy theme song and willingness to run late night commercials, I can tell you its employees are apparently in the habit of getting carpets cleaner. I’m not the only late night television enthusiast who has accrued such knowledge either.

Singer/ performer Mia Gentile couldn’t get the song out of her head; so, she decided to record brief snippets of the song in nearly a dozen musical styles. She then combined the results together into a music video featuring numerous wardrobe changes and published the results online in mid-November. It took a little while for people to catch on, but now that they have, the goofy fun has been quickly amassing new fans. You can take a look at the footage below…

I think my favorite cover version is the Avril Lavigne shout out with the muted f-words and the pent-up rage. I’m also strangely impressed that Mia had a poodle skirt just hanging out in her house to make the 50s rendition happen. She probably spent an inordinate amount of time obsessing over which outfits would be perfect for which styles, but with that one, the choice must have taken ten seconds.

For more on Mia, you can check out her official website. For more information on how to clean your carpets, you already know who to call.

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