Earlier this week, Brown attended a charity event at a Los Angeles area bowling alley to help support inner-city youth. In theory, it should have been a nice photo opportunity to show the singer’s dedication to the community, but unfortunately, thanks to a run-in with the valet, it has many asking the same dubious questions about Brown they’ve been asking for years.

Details on what exactly happened are still a little fuzzy, but apparently, the singer parked his car with the valet and went inside for roughly thirty minutes. When he came back, the valet asked him for the $10 fee, and Brown he heard other people had been charged $5. The alteration turned into an argument which turned into a shouting match, and TMZ was able to obtain a video of what happened. You can check it out below…

Is having to pay a valet to go to a charity event annoying? Yes, it certainly is. Brown had every right to be agitated, but this is obviously not the right way to respond. This valet has no control over what his bosses have decided to charge. He’s just doing his job, and he deserves to be able to do it without harassment and threats.

I’m not sure any actual crime was committed here, but if the city of Los Angeles does decide to violate Brown’s probation for allegedly blowing off his community service hours, no doubt this tape will be presented in evidence as one of the many reasons the singer still has a lot of growing up to do.

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