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Once upon a time, space travel was so incredibly foreign and dangerous, the world paused to watch the brave men and women during their travels. Now, the process is so ho-hum and routine that most people don’t pay any attention at all, which is a shame because Chris Hadfield from the Canadian Space Agency has spent months aboard the International Space Station churning out some incredibly fascinating chats and videos. During his time in orbit, he’s answered questions about a wide range of issues from crying to wringing out towels, and yesterday, he decided to have some good old fashioned fun.

With the help of a guitar and one of the greatest songs ever written, Hadfield covered David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” and created the music video embedded above. Obviously, there’s nothing cooler than all of the shots outside the window of Earth and particularly all of the lights on Earth, but the scenes inside the ISS are pretty great too, particularly the shots of the guitar slowly floating away and spinning.

The great thing about Hadfield in all of his videos is that he’s just the right amount of accessible. He clearly likes to have a good time and is a willing participant in shenanigans, but he still comes off like an extremely competent dude who is probably great at fixing things. Consequently, he never seems like an attention whore, merely a guy willing to make everyone happy, which, in this video, he does.

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