There are some songs, movies, video games and TV shows that span the test of time. There are many more that are very specifically tied to a time and place, for instance 1986. A year of horrible graphics, a sense of unyielding excess and miserable haircuts, 1986 gave us Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Oprah Winfrey Show and hundreds of other pop culture moments, many of which disappeared almost as quickly as they came.

Like he did for 1999, YouTube user The Peterson recently put together an epic more than ten minute tribute to the year 1986, and while I wasn’t alive for any of it, part of me now wishes I could go back and relive this madness in some kind of bizarre sociological experiment. After all, I’m pretty sure it was probably awesome to watch Mike Tyson as a young phenom, to experience hair metal in the moment as more than just a goofy fad and to watch Diego Maradona punch the ball in the net live.

Hollywood makes a killing off of rewinding the clock and bringing us back in time, but sometimes it’s nice to get a slice of the real thing through the moments and people that once mattered so much.

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