A lot of professional sports teams provide some kind of halftime entertainment by letting a fan or fans attempt an athletic feat for money. At basketball games, that feat is more often than not a half-court shot. I have no idea how many people have actually made the shot, but I can tell you how many people have seen their shot land and stick on top of the rim: one.

The unbelievable shot occurred over the weekend in Atlanta. It made its way online not long after, and not surprisingly, the footage has raced around the Internet. Take a look for yourself below…

I’m really glad they knocked the ball in and let this guy keep the money. If the heave was for a million bucks, I could understand being douche bags about it, but for one thousand dollars, it’s better to just have fun with it and enjoy the publicity, especially since it was obviously going to be widely viewed. Plus, balancing a ball on top of the rim is way more difficult than making a half court shot anyway.

Here’s to hoping this dude spent his winning thousand bucks on something awesome.

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