There are few things that impress me more than knife skills. I still can’t get over how fast Hung perfectly cut up a chicken like 5 seasons ago on Top Chef during a quickfire race, and now, I can’t get over this video. Challenged by his co-workers, this dude breaks down an entire watermelon and chops it up in twenty-one seconds.

In just a few days, the footage has already attracted almost one million views, and within a matter of days, it’ll be quite a bit higher. It’s easy to see why too. This guy is just a pretty ordinary dude who, over the years, has perfected his job and gotten extremely proficient at doing it. That’s impressive to watch and pretty damn cool—kind of like seeing these Romanians sort bottles or LeBron James play basketball.

Just because your job might not be sexy or particularly lucrative doesn’t mean it’s not worth getting really really good at. Anything worth doing is worth doing right, and this dude is a great testament to that. Here’s to hoping his bosses notice sooner rather than later and hit him with a raise for his hard work, or at least some free watermelon for his troubles.

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