As anyone who has seen a Zack Snyder film knows, chaos looks incredible in slow motion. The reduced pace allows for every single detail to be appreciated and for a proper sense of awe and wonder to be ascertained. Apart from the aforementioned director, there are few people who realize that more than The Slow Mo Guys. They’ve been using high tech cameras to slow down various actions for years, and their newest video has been racing around the Internet, probably because it involves fire.

Armed with a safety hose, cameras and protective gloves, Gav and Dan lit some gasoline on fire and threw the contents through the air. They then went back and played around with the footage to cut between different angles, and the end result is pretty fascinating. Take a watch for yourself below…

These dudes tow the line pretty well between real scientists and the Jackass cast. Listening to them, one feels like they know what they’re talking about; yet, there’s always the chance they could light themselves on fire and wind up in the emergency room. It’s really a pretty fascinating combination, and it’s one of several reasons why this video has attracted the following it has.

Another key ingredient, of course, is fire. Watching a fire rage is pretty fascinating without fancy cameras, and here, it has never looked better.

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