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For some of us, it's enough to stay upright on a treadmill, but for this guy, the treadmill is as much for dancing as it is for walking or jogging. Not since Jamiroquai blew our minds with his "Virtual Insanity" performance at the 1997 MTV Video Music Awards have we seen a guy move so gracefully on a moving belt.

The video above popped up on Liveleak and is already making the rounds on many a Facebook wall. It shows a man at a gym on one of the many treadmills lined up. There's no music playing, but he seems to have no trouble finding a rhythm as he jumps on and off the treadmill's moving belt with ease, showing off some seriously fancy footwork in the process as he walks forward and backward and occasionally spins around.

Clearly, I've been doing the treadmill all wrong.

What's great about the video is just how un-staged it seems. That is, by comparison to say, OK Go's "Here it Goes Again" video, which has the band doing a pretty great synchronized treadmill dance.

This guy could start a trend at the gym, though something tells me fitness center employees might discourage such activity in an effort to avoid the inevitable injuries and lawsuits. I'm picturing human collisions and a lot of rug burns.

As mentioned, the above video gave me a flashback of Jamiraquoi, who performed his song "Virtual Insanity" at the 1997 VMA and occasionally danced on two moving belts that were set up on stage.

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