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Jimmy Kimmel is up to his old tricks again. The late night talk show host challenged his viewers to mess with their kids and they came through, submitting videos of their kids' devastated reactions when they were told that Mom and Dad ate all their Halloween candy.

One of the recurring segments on Jimmy Kimmel Live is the YouTube Challenge, which has Kimmel asking parents to have a little pranky fun with their offspring. In addition to "I ate all of your Halloween candy," which he did last year, he's also challenged parents to give their kids a terrible Christmas present, which results in reactions ranging from confused to angry to miserable. The same is the case for the Halloween Candy challenge. Here's this year's installment:

The toddler on the bed stomping his feet and the girl who said nothing beyond her horrified expression were the best outburst-reactions, but the more forgiving kids near the end of the video are my favorite. I especially love the adorable little girl who politely suggested to her mother that next year maybe they could share the candy. So cute!

Some of these children may want to be wary of any "early" Christmas presents Mom and Dad present to them later this year.