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When put on the spot, a high percentage of people will lie rather than admit they haven’t seen something, especially with a camera in their face. At least that’s what Jimmy Kimmel has discovered while shooting one of his newest segments “Lie Witness News” in which he sends a camera crew out to Hollywood Boulevard and asks people what they thought of things that haven’t yet happened.

Given the time frame, the latest segment was, of course, about the Super Bowl, and many of the answers people gave were hysterical. From accusing Beyonce of using a prerecorded tape to going on and on about how good Ray Lewis played, these people were willing to agree with almost any inference from the reporter rather than admit they didn’t watch the big game. Take a look at the hilarity below…

None of these people are telling the truth, but humorously, some of them are better at pulling it off than others. For example: the first woman who talks about the play being offsides is one of the worst liars I’ve ever seen. She needs to never cheat on her significant other, or she will be caught the second she arrives home and the other party asks her where she was. But the guy who talks about losing two hundred bucks to his brother? He could probably get away with some shit.