The Today Show isn’t typically a place for tough conversations. In fact, it’s known as one of the more relaxing interviews a celebrity can do. Movies are plugged, families are asked about and everyone has a few laughs. Unfortunately, earlier today, host Kathie Lee Gifford grilled Martin Short about why his marriage has thrived for so long without realizing his beloved spouse Nancy passed away a year and a half ago from ovarian cancer.

Like an absolute trooper, Short smiled and spoke of his love for Nancy. Only during the commercial break did he have the heart to tell Gifford his wife was gone. You can take a look at the interview below courtesy of TMZ

The clip is painful to watch, but it’s also very touching. Martin and Nancy were married for decades. They raised three lovely children, and it’s very clear how much he still cares and misses her. Bravo to him for being such a gentleman about the whole thing, and bravo to him for finding a special woman and never letting her go. We should all be so lucky to find thirty years of incredible bliss.

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