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Apart from HDTV, no recent invention has made watching sports an even more entertaining experience than Twitter. By following the right people, the viewer can receive a stream of crazy, real time statistics and brief snippets of analysis. Unfortunately, by following the wrong people, the aforementioned viewer can see a seemingly endless stream of death threats and offensive comments geared toward players not performing at the level they would like. I do my best to only follow people who give the right kind of reactions, but unfortunately for the players themselves, they don’t have a choice if they look at their mentions.

Several times in the past, hysterical late night host Jimmy Kimmel has convinced celebrities to read mean tweets about themselves. Each segment has proven hysterical, and as Kimmel is a huge basketball fan, it was only a matter of time before he expanded the segment to include NBA players. The first installment came earlier this week, and not surprisingly, it has gone over very well.

From former NBA stars like Shaq to current stars like Chris Paul to contributors like Bob Costas and Bill Simmons, the above video does a great job of including as many different perspectives as possible, illustrating just how much hate really goes around during NBA games. Luckily, everyone involved here seems to be laughing off the anger.