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I don’t know anything about coffee. I don’t drink it, and my wife always orders the exact same complicated drink from Starbucks. Exactly what’s inside it is a big mystery to me, or at least it was until I watched this fascinating video.

Put together by Mental Floss, the clip covers twenty-seven popular coffee-related drinks and explains to the user exactly what the hell each one of them is made out of. For example: an Americano is an espresso with enough hot water added to fill up the glass. It’s called as much because American soldiers in Europe during World War II didn’t like the tiny amount of liquid they got at cafes and requested something be added to make it more resemble what they were used to.

Drinking coffee doesn’t exactly place one within a subculture, but drinking complicated types of coffee certainly does. For those people, this video is probably old hat since it’s on the basic side, but for the rest of us who have limited exposure, it’s just the right level of in-depth to be understandable.

In the past, Mental Floss has covered similar topics like alcoholic drinks and food. Despite not having normal host John Green, this footage more than lives up to the lofty reputation the brilliant YouTube channel has created for itself. To watch more, you can check out this fascinating clip of 55 planned films that weren’t ever produced below…

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