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Dogs are great companions. Whether to baby lions, other dogs or human beings, the best ones are a perfect combination between protective and fun, and no video has ever better illustrated that than the one embedded above. These German Shepherds are so excited about playing with the five-year-old girl and engaging in some shenanigans; yet, they’re careful enough not to hurt her and to occasionally look around to keep an eye out for possible predators.

I’ve never dreamed of living in Norway before, but after watching this video, I totally get the appeal. The background looks like a postcard someone painted, and the wide open spaces look like such a refreshing alternative to the concrete sprawl of Los Angeles. Whoever is in charge of tourism for the Nordic country should take a long hard look at preparing a video like this to sell travelers on the more idyllic elements of the land. It wouldn’t be very difficult to convince me, and I’m sure there are plenty of other people in the same boat as me.

It’s unclear whether little Pernille and her family actually own these German Shepherds or whether she was playing at some kind of breeding farm, but either way, I wish I could spend the afternoon there.