Like all athletes, it takes skateboarders days, weeks or even months to perfect a new move. The only real difference is the danger level. Jumping over five long steps carries more risk than adding a hook shot to the list of potential moves. Matt Lane knows that sad fact as well as anyone. The skateboarder recently filmed himself trying to jump over five long stairs at a local park, and well, the compilation footage is equal parts upsetting, gnarly and impressive.

Go ahead and take a look at Lane’s quest to conquer five stairs below…

This dude is really good at falling without breaking his neck. That and perseverance seem to be his primary skills, but alas, it just wasn’t meant to be. I could have used an epilogue here in which the broken down and disappointed bastard goes to get Arby’s to cheer himself up, but beggars can’t be choosers. Besides, I’d rather have an update video in a few months of him actually accomplishing this trick.

There’s nothing worse than falling like 3% short. If his attempts weren’t even close, he could have quit immediately, but within striking distance, he had to keep going, at least until his body said enough.

We’ll keep you updated if Lane attempts to jump these steps again.

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