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In anticipation of the release of Ganger Squad, Ryan Gosling appears to be making the late night talk show rounds. That includes a visit to Conan, during which he gave an audience member the opportunity to take his place in the interview chair, and an even less conventional appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Check out both videos ahead.

First up, Gosling plays a crucial supporting role in a bit for Jimmy Kimmel Live that features a certain beloved Anchorman, who has some really special knives to sell.

"Your energy did this," Gosling tells Jimmy, when Ferrell gets hurt during his knife slashing (slamming?) demonstration.

I think it's great that he pushes the blame for Ferrell's injury onto Kimmel, while complimenting Ferrell on how beautiful his cut is. He really does put the 'support' in supporting role, even if it's just for a late night talk show comedy bit. Or maybe I just find everything Gosling does to be irresistible and adorable, even if he's just standing there holding a tray while Will Ferrell pounds it mercilessly with a sword.

And speaking of adorable, here's the video of Gosling's appearance on Conan, which begins with him saying he was once an audience member at a late night talk show. The lead-in to the segment is a little awkward at first, but things warm up when an audience member is brought up on stage to serve as Gosling's interview buddy. All of this leads up to a clip from Gangster Squad, which arrives in theaters this weekend.

Conan's great at taking jabs. It's part of his shtick, and Gosling's sidekick did a find job of delivering her lines, which lead up to the clip for Gangster Squad (in theaters today!).