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Watch This Screaming Flower Girl Cry Her Way Down The Aisle

Little kids are always a mystery bag at weddings. Including them in the ceremonies can make for adorable memories and a heightened sense of emotion. Unfortunately, including them can also lead to awkward and unintentionally funny moments if said kids fail to behave themselves. That’s exactly what happens during a high percentage of America’s Funniest Home Videos episodes, and that’s exactly what happened at the recent wedding depicted in the video above. Luckily, everyone involved seems to have a sense of humor.

Apparently, the emotional problem started when the not-yet-screaming flower girl was told by her uncle to hold hands with her brother while walking down the aisle. The little girl knew she was supposed to walk alone and her cousin was supposed to walk with her brother. Unfortunately, her pleas weren’t listened to and rather than consult another adult, the little girl decided her best option was to start crying and move down the aisle faster than a bat out of hell.

With the on-set of more non-traditional families and the emergence of post-parenthood weddings, many happy couples have begun using their own daughters as flower girls, as opposed to the standard niece seen in this video. Luckily for fans of awkwardness, that shouldn’t change the percentage of little flower girls who make a scene.

Mack Rawden

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