You can’t force your children to like what you like. Annoying as that might be, kids make up their own minds about things. That being said, you can force your kids to try all of the crap you like, and chances are, they’ll actually be down with a solid percentage of it too. Take the Payne children as evidence.

Last year, the family taped their son and daughter listening to Korn while in their car seats, and it’s pretty obvious from their faces just how much they’ve picked up on their parents’ musical tastes. Take a look at the hysterical footage below…

I love how much of a showman this kid is. It would be impressive enough if he was singing along and nodding his head, but even at three, he already plays to the camera and adds as much emotion into his face as possible. That’s the mark of someone who could truly entertain an audience. If all goes well, he should be walking to a Battle of the Bands title thirteen to fifteen years from now.

The above footage was first posted almost a year ago, but people only recently caught on to its greatness. Expect for it to fly around the Internet at a furious rate over the next few weeks.

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