When most of us think of extreme eating, we picture hot dog eating contests, exotic chili powders and maybe the television program Man vs Food. We think of common foods being consumed in hilarious quantities or strange substances being tried for the first time, but there’s also another segment of extreme eaters that get far less press: those who challenge themselves to eat or drink expired food.

Popular YouTube user LA Beast is no stranger to strange or topical eating dares, and recently, he got to thinking about Crystal Pepsi’s twenty year anniversary. So, to help celebrate the occasion, he purchased an unopened Crystal Pepsi on Ebay for $80 and downed its contents in one aggressive pound.

Take a look at what happens below…

I love how quickly things go south here. He’s thoroughly pleased with his Crystal Pepsi decision immediately after drinking it and is almost elated at how easy and delicious the whole process was. Unfortunately, that joy later gives way to confusion which gives way to sickness which gives way to amusement.

Between Shoenice’s crazy alcohol exploits, and this dude, who apparently once consumed 7,000 calories of Fruit by the Foot, it’s nice to know pretty much every crazy eating or drinking challenge has been attempted.

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