Most fast food restaurants serve a very wide range of customers. From teenage girls to elderly men and everything in-between, drive thru workers get to interact with all types. That being said, some things you just can’t be prepared for. This would be an example of that.

Recently, popular YouTube magician Rahat decided to take his decapitated man prank and add a zombie element to it. Together, the two men would pull up to a drive thru, order food and wait for the unsuspecting workers to go to the window and see a bloody man eating another man’s head.

In the past, many of Rahat’s pranks have gone over extremely well because they’ve caused workers to do a double take and spend time trying to mentally figure out what they’re seeing. This one, on the contrary, is a little bit more overt. These people know exactly what’s going on immediately. That being said, their reactions are still goofy enough to make the footage worth watching, and some of them are clearly beyond creeped out.

Here’s to hoping Rahat continues honing his craft and eventually finds the budget to start doing some truly amazing things.

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