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Harry Potter star Emma Watson plans to quit the movie business once she wraps up work on the wizard franchise - because she doesn't have a "burning passion" for acting.

The 19 year old, who will take up a place at England's Cambridge University in the autumn (09), admits she doesn't have a strong desire to continue working in film once her Harry Potter contract expires.

The star, who plays nerdy Hermione Granger in the magical film franchise, admits she will only be tempted back to the business if she finds a role she is extremely passionate about.

She tells America's Teen Vogue magazine, "There's not, like, a burning passion in me that I have to act and I don't care what I do. Until something comes along that I feel as strongly about as I did Hermione - like, I felt that it was life or death - I don't want to act again." (LR/TV/KD)

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