Lancashire resident Ken Wilman hit pay dirt, or pay vomit, when exploring Morecambe Beach recently. The unemployed individual was out walking with his dog, Madge, when the two happened upon a hard, rock-like item that really stunk. Prompted by his dog’s sniffing and interest in the item, Wilman looked up what the item was on the Internet and determined it is worth a small fortune.

What Wilman found was vomit from a whale, otherwise known as ambergris, a substance used in perfume. The item may smell when it first washes up on shore, but over time, it becomes an aromatic and rich substance. Plus, since it is so rare, ambergris is highly sought after. According to The Mirror, an Australian couple who found a larger lump of the substance netted $295,000 when selling the product. The lump Wilman found is smaller and not likely to bring in quite as much, but it could sell for up to $180,000.

While most perfume makers now use a synthetic version of ambergris, there are still plenty of people willing to shell out for the real deal, and Wilman is already in talks to sell the product that he found on the beach. A French dealer has already offered around $68,000 in U.S. dollars for the lump, which weighs in at 6 lbs. However, the whale vomit could be worth more. For Wilman, a single father who has been out of work since a motorcycle accident caused him major problems, the money should be a pleasant surprise, as well as a welcome relief. Here’s hoping the ambergris brings him enough money to live comfortably for a while.