The Golden Globes has come and gone. The Artist and The Descendants won big. Morgan Freeman got a moment to reflect on his career, and Peter Dinklage paid his respects to a recent dwarf-tossing victim. It was a good night with plenty of beautiful dresses, cheeky speeches and team high fives, but there’s still one mystery left to be solved: why didn’t Jessica Biel have on her engagement ring?

The twenty-nine year old actress said yes to Justin Timberlake’s proposal last month, but the proof was noticeably absent this evening. According to E! Online, Biel showed up last night to an event at the Chateau Marmont sans fiancé and ring also. Until now, there’s been no indication or reports of problems in the relationship, but one would imagine a girl would be excited to show off her new bling at the second biggest Hollywood night of the year.

Now, there are two possibilities for why she might not have had the ring on. The first and perhaps most logical explanation is that the thing is getting resized. As someone who has proposed before, I can attest to the fact that the chances of a ring fitting straight away are low. That being said, if it’s just a fraction off, jewelers can usually do it within the day. If, however, it needs to be expanded significantly, sometimes you do need to leave it for a longer period of time. Option number two is sadly more upsetting and involves some sort of argument or break-up.

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Why Was The Ring Missing?

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