Earlier today, Duchess Catherine checked into the hospital and gave birth to a baby boy. Throughout the world, the news was greeted with great joy. Not surprisingly, the biggest celebrations, however, took place in the United Kingdom where a high percentage of the population was thrilled to see a new generation added to the Royal family.

The popularity of the monarchy in Great Britain fluctuates quite a bit. More often than not, the high points for the Crown are related to individual members of the Royal family who have very high approval ratings. Fortunately, both Prince William and Kate Middleton boast levels of popularity Prince Charles could never dream of, which is great considering the family needed a bit of an update to help relate to the younger members of the population.

When asked, likeability and a relatable nature are often cited as reasons why people have really taken a shining to Kate and William. From an outside perspective, the two really seem to offer a perfect balance between the formality and traditions of the royal family and the more youthful attitudes of the younger culture. They’re the type of dinner guests who seem like they would enjoy a rare filet mignon one night and a juicy piece of lasagna the next. They’re sophisticated without being stuck up, which brings us to the recent addition to their family’s name.

It’s been hours since Kate birthed the heir to the British throne, and neither she nor her husband has let anyone know what the little guy’s name might be. Betting houses in London are currently taking wagers, and across the pond, more than a few people are sitting on the edges of their seat wondering what it will be. In fact, a few couples have reportedly held off on naming their son in order to potentially give him the same handle as the Royal baby. On the onet hand, you would expect the two would go very traditional with the name. You would expect they’d pick something like Henry or James in order to honor the regal traditions. On the other hand, however, Kate and William have proven they’re not slaves to tradition in the past. They’re not looking to intentionally ruffle any feathers, but they’ll do whatever they think is right, regardless of whether it’s the safe, no waves approach or not.

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